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At the age of eighteen, I was hired by my town's daily newspaper as a photojournalist. Still a senior in high school, this experience would mark a fundamental change in how I would “view” the world around me for the rest of my life. Thanks to my editor Howard James.

Howard was the quintessential newspaper editor.  A towering man in his sixties who seemed to always be yelling with his messy grey hair, suspenders, and rolled-up sleeves. James’ was tough on his journalists and would gleam at us through his thick rimmed glasses as he demanded a level of professionalism that was built on two concepts.

  1. Always write so a common man can understand what you are trying to say. Avoid complex words as you serve the reader, not your ego.
  2. You have to dig for the truth. You report the facts. No matter how hard they are to swallow. You are not presenting “your” side. You are providing the information to let the reader decide for themselves.

Many of us spent our days living in fear of Howard and his red pen. We overlooked how lucky we were to learn from a man who had been awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1968 by following those same rules of journalistic integrity.


Nearly twenty years later, I was working on my MBA after a lifetime of experiences including being an author, educator, touring musician, Apple Retail store mentor, and successful business owner. In those graduate studies and experiences, I learned that business is rooted in science. Observations lead to insights, which lead to plans of action, which lead to success. However, if you do not dig deep enough for clean unbiased data. Your insights will be off and your plans may fail.

I was reminded that to provide valuable business insight you have to attack the problem like a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. You have to dig for the facts, report them without interjecting your feelings, and present them in a way that the hourly laborer – not the CEO can understand.

This is how I operate.

Every project I tackle starts with a thorough analysis of your business goals, your branding needs, your current operations management, and the markets in which you intend to operate. From there, I draft up plans to improve your business in ways that are backed by science and proven from over twenty years of observations. I then present these facts in an easy-to-understand approach.

A DJ at a Pool Party
Jeremy Larochelle with Lynyrd Skynyrd
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Jeremy Larochelle with AfroJack

Entertainment Management on a Graduated Level

I have over twenty years in the entertainment industry as a performer, manager, and venue booker.  While working, I was also in school. I graduated class valedictorian, earning a 4.0, in an undergraduate degree in music business management.  I supplemented that degree with my MBA where I focused on marketing analytics and consumer behavior, also graduating class valedictorian with a perfect 4.0.

Venue Management and Analysis. I analyze your market including direct and indirect competitors. I then observe and analyze your venue including your current choices in talent, sound and lighting resources, guest service, management style, and customer flow patterns among other items. With that data, I provide a game plan on how to adjust your processes to increase headcount, sales, guest satisfaction and retention.

If your venue is in the Phoenix, AZ area. I currently live in Scottsdale and manage a large entertainment program through my employer Mike Moloney Entertainment. We are a fully licensed and insured practice that has a deep roster of vetted artists including solos, bands, DJs, comedians, specialty acts, tributes, and national artists. We can provide these acts on a one-off basis, but shine when we can manage your entire program.

For a very small percentage, we handle all of the sourcing, scheduling, and contracting for your venue. This frees up an enormous amount of time for our clients. They no longer have to field calls, emails, tweets, and Facebook messages from acts looking for work. Nor do they have to put out fires when an artist misses a gig, is a late, or falls outside the demands of the venue. We handle all of these issues for you all while keeping you supplied with the right entertainment for your customers.

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