About Jeremy Larochelle, MBA

"I bring the science behind management to the booking realm. My job is not to “book a band.” My goal is to align entertainment with your corporate strategy and marketing agenda. I believe that entertainment is a great sales driver for any business or event. You just need a market-focused entertainment manager. Someone who has graduate studies in consumer behavior, marketing analytics, and operations management. An undergraduate degree in music business, and over twenty years in the industry as an entertainer, manager, booking agent, and lover of all things that capture the masses through artistry." ~ Jeremy Larochelle, MBA


Career Highlights

  • B.S. Music Business Management 
  • MBA
  • 20 Year Entertainment Veteran
  • Photojournalist Trained Under a Pulitzer Prize Winning Editor
  • Author
  • Apple Store Mentor
  • Graduate studies in consumer behavior, marketing analytics, and operations to properly align, execute, and gauge results.
  • Management of a $1.9 million Indian gaming entertainment program requiring the budgeting, contracting, scheduling, and monitoring of over 240 varied entertainment shifts per month.
  • Proven entrepreneur who raised sales over 2,800% despite regional and national economic turmoil.
  • Leader and former entertainer who understands performer psychology and the technical roles of stage support staff.


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